Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yoga Teacher Training: Day 1

SO, I had my first day of yoga teacher training (RYT 200) yesterday at Yoga Den in Mandarin, FL. Here are some things I learned about myself on day 1....

I have a split personality: I'm sure we all do... there's a part of me that super crazy type A. This is my ego and I picture it as a little red headed demon Deva sitting on one shoulder. Then I have my super mellow hippy chick B side and she's so chill that I don't even have a clear picture of what this looks like... don't want to put B in a box Lol. (Yes, I feel all Fifty Shades of Grey here ; )

I'm judgemental: Okay, I didn't just learn this yesterday, but when we are going through introductions, my little demon is comparing this experience to an episode of Portlandia meets Forgetting Sarah Marshall's yoga scene and I almost laugh out loud at some point in the intros... who would do that!! I'm also thinking I really do need to start buying the crazy expensive lululemon crap because I look like a hobo and my thighs are way too big... So cruel!! Fortunately, my hippy chick kicks in and reminds me, "It's Yoga, it's ALL good!". Ha!

I SOOOO need this: I am thrilled about some things about this experience already. A: there's no judgement here. I look like I rolled out of bed, got hit by a truck, before pulling an outfit out of a dumpster, and running here and No Worries!! "It's Yoga, it's ALL good!". Everyone is forced to be nice to each other... you know how it is when a big group of people meet for the first time and some people seem great, some seem like assholes, but here everyone is on best behavior... acceptance is cool. "It's Yoga, it's ALL good!".

I suck at this: Okay, my demon Deva is appalled. I love being good at things, especially sports and any test of physical ability, but I do suck at this. I've always been a Bikram lover and this is definitely not Bikram and it's all new to me... However, the hippy chick in me is ecstatic.... PERMISSION TO SUCK!!! YAAAAY!!

I am definitely NOT present: I know, yoga is all mind body connection and staying in the present moment... ya ya ya, but if we are talking percentages, I am maybe 1% present and in the moment on day one (that's probably being generous). I'm thinking about what I have to do tomorrow, when am I ever going to be able to go shopping with a toddler in tow, and what am I going to do next week... yes every single day of the week. And, I'm thinking I'm hungry and would kill one of this yogis for a giant pepperoni pizza!! (SOOO not zen of me I know).

I am a crazy bitch when hungry: Okay, I already knew this one too, but you would think after an entire day of getting blissed out on yoga, I would be all, "Anything we even Need Food?!!?" Oh hell yes, and I was a freaking crazy bitch when I got home  starving after class. I won't scare you with the details, but I did eat a majority of a pepperoni pizza and bread sticks before passing out on the couch and crawling into bed at 9:00pm for the night... ahhh how yoga of me. LOL

SO, this was an interesting day one. I am headed back for more next weekend and my Deva has set some goals (we'll call them intentions since it's yoga). I intend to be more present (maybe 2% this time), soak it all in because this is the most time I've gotten all year to be away from the responsibilities of my home, AND, bring wayyy more food for the ride home from class =) Namaste bitches.

P.S. I LOVE my new instructors and Yoga Den... If you're a yoga teacher or fitness instructor, please

CONSIDER: Hosting a "Motion for Peace" class to benefit your favorite charitable organization. If you don't have a studio to work out of think of the beach, park, or friend's house or office to hold your class. Suggest a donation amount (maybe $10-$15 dollars) and let everyone know what organization the proceeds will go to!

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